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Owner Testimonials

"For my husband and me, our two labs are our children. So, only the best service provider would do for us. We were thrilled when we found Emily and The Gratefull Dog! She is absolutely wonderful with our two labs and they definitely love to see her! Her service is second to none! It's nice to know that when we are away from home that our labs are being cared for in the manner that we would offer if we were there. One very important detail that sets her service apart from others is her extensive background in working with and caring for animals. You can tell that she truly loves what she does and truly cares about the animals entrusted to her. If you are looking for a dependable, trustworthy service provider for your pet, you cannot go wrong with The Gratefull Dog! We use this service on an on-going daily basis and have been a client for over a year now. We are even more thrilled today than when we first decided on using The Gratefull Dog. For the very best service provider, the only choice for us is The Gratefull Dog! If you love your pets as much as we do, treat them with service from The Gratefull Dog! Tails will be wagging!!!!!!!”
– J.K.

“The Gratefull Dog has taken a huge concern off my shoulders. I just received a new puppy and was very concerned about leaving my "child" home alone. Having to work all day long made me concerned, but The Gratefull Dog has taken my worries away. Not only am I using them to take my puppy out during the day, but I am also going to use them for puppy training. Emily is very personable and great with my little one. It's nice to come home to a tired puppy and not have to worry about her. Be assured that your animal is in good hands with The Gratefull Dog!!!!!!!!!!”
– M.S.

“We use The Gratefull Dog whenever we go out of town and we always have peace of mind. They clean the cats litter box and they always have fresh water and food. The dog is always walked and loved on. The fish are feed too. When we come home the house is just as we left it, mail is brought in and trash has been picked up. We could not ask for anything more.”
– B.B.

“In 2007, we adopted 2 German Shepherd puppies from Rescue. In June of 2007, Emily came to our home and worked with us to train them. Our female GSD, Katie, is extremely shy but she soon warmed up to Emily and they learned the basics quickly.

After using another Pet Sitting service for a little while, we were not happy with them. They sent different people every time and we were concerned about giving them access to our home since they had proven to be unreliable. We called Emily and she told us that The Gratefull Dog also handling Pet Sitting. We have used Emily ever since then. She is caring and attentive to each of our Dogs. She cared for our Seniors and our GSD 'pups' as the grew up. She always called if there were things we may need our attention such as health issues or problems at the house. Emily has transported the dogs to and from daycare and other places and has been there when we needed her. We refer to her as our Nanny instead of just a sitter because she understands how important our 'furkids' are to us and she makes sure they are safe, happy & healthy in her care.”
– J.N.

“I know when I go out of town, my 2 cats and my dog will be well taken care of. Emily and staff has given me confidence and relief that someone who actually cares about my four legged family will be checking up on them. And if there are any major issues, Emily or staff calls to discuss that issue that may have come up. And like all cats, my cats sometimes vomit hairballs or food, well Emily and staff clean that up. And when I return home, I have a chart of when they came to my house and how everything was during each visits, so I get a sense of how each visit went.”
– K.B.